We help organizations to tell their own stories in an engaging way. Our clients have increased the success of their outreach, promotion, fund-raising, and presentations by using video. Our results speak for themselves — literally.  A few examples:

Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire


The Black Heritage Trail promotes awareness of African-American history in New Hampshire. One example is a 9-minute video — “Echoes of Ancestry” — that introduces Tonya Ward Singer. Her family letters from the 1700's revealed that her ancestors owned slaves in Portsmouth NH and were involved in the slave trade. While in Portsmouth to visit the family homestead (now the Moffatt-Ladd Museum and Garden), she eloquently shares her shocking discovery.
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Seacoast Pathways

Seacoast Pathways

A community non-profit wanted to announce their services, grow their membership, and support fund-raising. We filmed, edited, and produced a 5-minute video with staff and members participating. The video was posted to their website, and DVDs were distributed to referral agencies. The number of people signing up for the program increased noticeably. They said, “Sara did a fantastic job of highlighting what we are all about!”
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Star Island Corporation

Star Island

This seasonal conference center wanted to increase its visibility with their core audience and the local community. Over a few years, we produced several videos, each for a theme or event. We worked with management to develop the concepts, and filmed on-site as needed. We delivered the videos in multiple formats for use on their website, for presentation to conferences, and at annual corporation meetings. These videos have been successful in promoting the programs.
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Wood Island Life Saving Station Association

Wood Island

The Wood Island Life Saving Station Association (WILSSA) — a non-profit founded to preserve a historic landmark — needed a call to action. We produced a 4-minute video with on-site interviews, photos, graphics, narration, and special effects. The video succeeded in gaining public support, and also gave WILSSA a tool to continue its outreach for grants from private, federal, and state agencies.
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